Daniel Bates, Andrew Bates medRxiv 2020.08.12.20173450

This study was undertaken to assess the amount of dental aerosol created in a primary care dental surgery. Methods: Two particle meters were placed a set distances round a volunteer patient whilst undergoing simulated dental treatment using a high speed dental handpiece, and 3-in-1 air/water syringe, moisture control was managed with high volume suction and a saliva ejector. Measurement were taken every thirty seconds with the surgery environment set a neutral ventilation and with the windows open plus fan assistance. Results: From the cessation of aerosol generation it took between 6 and 19 minutes for the surgery to return to baseline. The ventilated surgery had faster aerosol dispersal, returning to background levels within 5 minutes. Conclusion: It is concluded for the surgery under investigation the dental aerosol had dissipated after 30 minutes using HVS and optimal surgery.

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